A yelling, screaming, or crying customer could be a nightmare for the inexperienced agent & staff.

Most crucial form of customer communication that takes place in a business is on the company’s complaint helpline. On a complaint helpline, customers need to be handled with patience, care, agility and spontaneity. It takes courtesy, tele-dexterity & refined soft skills to come up to the expectation of an annoyed customer. Most often, these customers can be satisfied with the correct attitude of the representatives on the call. Our Training division provides the call center teams with a comprehensive training program to develop their communication, rapport building and overall customer service skills. This program has been very successfully operating in our facility for over the last decade and continues to evolve through the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.

Making the customer ‘FEEL HEARD’ is the key to get him back to a happy state again – Now, the complaint call has been well handled.

At Quality Resource, Complaint Handling is catered by the best of our resources. Our approach is to assure listening in each live contact, where the customer truly feels heard.

We continue to work on competitively enhancing the market image of our partner organizations and help them gain a competitive advantage while they focus on their core business functions & market dynamics.

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