The impression created over the phone (customer service) has a significant impact on the future relationship between the company & its customers. This relationship is enriched many folds by the level of customer service delivered by our team of professionals.
QR can help your business look after:

- your customers, round the clock with our seamless technology.
- your call overflow by handling calls based on your shift with high call traffic.
- the calls you receive over the weekend when your staff is unavailable/absent.
- call verification, to ensure the transparency and accuracy of data received - as a 3rd party for compliance.


Professionally Handling calls on behalf of a company, is not a job that can be done by many.
While outsourcing your operations, consider the most reliable team for your company that can assure your customer’s satisfaction while maintaining your company’s image - that you have long worked for.

QRM - OUR Quality Control Unit

With our team of professionals answering calls on your behalf with a smile, you will find yourself and your customers satisfied. Each of our agents goes through customized customer service training programs tailored specifically for each project by Quality Resource Trainers.
Having served multiple Telecom companies, our Quality Control Unit Team live monitors calls & sample check the call recordings to ensure the maintenance of Service Levels at all times. It helps our operations team stay on top of their expected performance levels.
With Quality Resource Contact Center, your customer base can enjoy continued seamless customer support on each live contact with a high FCR ratio.

Smooth & Cost Effective Solutions

Having served various conglomerates; where QR maintained KPIs at 90% or above, even when there was heavy call traffic during peak hours. Quality Resource can be your ideal choice for an outsourced Call Center operation that is cost-effective and integrates seamlessly with your customer support operations. Would you be interested in a quote?


Our Human Excellence Department categorically hires candidates through a meticulous hiring process and board interviews. All employees are provided comprehensive orientation and pertinent training programs to assure high performance groups that consistently meet expected performance & exceed expectations.

Valuable Services

The partnership with QR is a great decision. It assures that your customers are fully attended.

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients recommend us & trust us with their invaluable customer base completely.


Quality Resource Contact Center can be a single source for inbound and outbound helpdesk services – a source that banks and large financial institutions can rely on. We provide:

  1. Dedicated and Custom-Tailored Services, Which are Easily Adaptable
  2. Processing Solutions That Increase Efficiency and Availability
  3. Decrease Costs
  4. Reduce Errors
  5. Enable New Service Offerings
  6. Added Value to Your Customers
  7. Complement Your Existing Technology Investments – All While Enhancing Your Customer Service.

Let's work together

We're a dedicated team, that brings brilliant ideas and the execution in one combined experience.
With our Outta the Box approach, our Production Team stays innovative, creative & consistently generates fantabulous results.
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