- Professionally Handling calls on behalf of a company, is not a job that can be done by many. While outsourcing, consider only the most reliable teams for your company that assure customer satisfaction while maintaining your company image that you have long worked for Quality Resource.
With our team of professionals waiting to answer calls from customer - with a smiling face, you will find yourself satisfied with the call answering performance. Our agents have not only gone through the customer services training but have also served for multiple Telecom companies. In presence of our Quality Control Unit monitoring live calls, our team stays on top of their expected output. With our Call Answering Experts, your customer base can enjoy continued customer satisfaction on each live contact with a high FCR ratio.
Having served various conglomerates & visa service providers, Quality Resource is your ideal choice for outsourcing your operations for smooth and cost effective operations, with a high return on this business decision. Would you like to see a quote where the quality’s KPIs are as high as 90%, even with excess call traffic in the peak hours?

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Our learning oriented environment helps us motivate our employees. An enhanced skill set with an incentivized-quality-score for performance, has made our Human Resource the key factor for each of our project’s success.


In the competitive market today, the essence of a retaining a customer lies in providing world-class customer services and meeting the commitment deadlines. Customer Care.

Long term outsourcing success of an organization is driven by integrity, ingenuity and uncompromising service. Our management approach is based on these principles of success by ensuring highest standards of customer service, access to information and assuring customer satisfaction.

Our Tele-Helpdesk services available for your organization include:

  • Customer Service
  • Inbound Call Answering
  • Customer Care & Complaint Resolution
  • Call Center 24/7
  • Live Chat Support – 24/7
  • Email Support – 24/7
  • Ticket Generation – 24/7
  • Inbound Sales
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • General Product / Company Information Helpline
  • Virtual Secretary - Dedicated answering service with your business name
  • Transaction Processing & more



Making the customer ‘FEEL HEARD’ is the key

to get an acknowledgment during the complaint handling process.


One of the most critical business communications held, is at the complaint line for the customer base. Call Center is the facing front of a company and most certainly, is the first point of contact for your customer base.

A yelling, screaming or a crying customer could be a nightmare for an inexperienced agent.
On a complaint helpline, such are the customers that need to be handled well with care and agility. Coming up to expectation of a specific customer is a task that needs patience, tele-dexterity & soft skills.

At Quality Resource, Complaint Handling line has always been catered with the best of resources. Our work approach is to assure plenty of listening in each live contact by our experienced agents. Our Team is usually well trained at their tasks with a significant grasp on product / service information. This makes us a strong ally of the outsourcing companies, where we work closely as a “strategic partner” to our clients.

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We, as a strategic partner, continue to competitively enhance the market image of partners and help you gain competitive advantage while your organizations can focus on their core business competencies.


Telecom Enterprises operating in the global market are well aware of the importance of data – and through it, Customer Profiling. This helps companies, particularly the telecom companies that make a substantial share of their revenues from various Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS). This process has been proven to be a huge success and has helped multiple companies design their 3g and 4g based platforms for their telecom subscribers.
Product developers have long been working with customer profile in order to design new service, based on the customer choices. Profiling of customers is a great step by a company to assure future success & business.
Over the last seven years, we at Quality Resource have been assisting multiple telecom companies in the process of profiling their customers & their choices. With challenging KPIs and high call volume, Quality Resource has exceeded the expectations of its client, giving boost to our business reputation today.

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Our professional team of call center representatives pay attention to detail, assures great listening and commendable customer service, at all times in a call. our team is our biggest asset, Our human resource. Our workforce assures the right team combination with a blend of professionalism and dedication that helps us standout in the marketplace. We simplify the complexity of systems, helping businesses achieve a higher level of productivity and performance by transforming the way they handle their operations.

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Our Human Excellence Department categorically hires candidates through a meticulous hiring process and board interviews. All employees are provided comprehensive orientation and pertinent training programs to assure high performance groups that consistently meet expected performance & exceed expectations.

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The partnership with QR is a great decision. It assures that your customers are fully attended.

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients recommend us & trust us with their invaluable customer base completely.


Quality Resource Contact Center is a single source for inbound and outbound helpdesk services – a source that banks and large financial institutions can rely on. We provide:

  1. Dedicated and Custom-Tailored Services, Which are Easily Adaptable,
  2. Processing Solutions That Increase Efficiency and Availability,
  3. Decrease Costs,
  4. Reduce Rrrors,
  5. Enable New Service Offerings,
  6. Added Value to Your Customers, and
  7. Complement Your Existing Technology Investments – All While Enhancing Your Customer Service.