Quality is the Key element.
For decades, Lead Generation has been a great source of acquiring customers for the large, medium & small enterprises – equally. With your product launch around the corner, you must come up with the best channel to tab the market alongside the goal to acquire the customers – from the masses.
One of the greatest contributors to Lead Generation & Cold Calling is the identification of the target market where revenues can be at their optimum. Quality Resource Contact Center has been helping companies from United States, Canada & United Kingdom in generating more business.
With our strong Quality Assurance department @ of Quality Resource, all leads are well-checked, where we have freshly pre-qualified the customers. We Assure - Our Partners enjoy a higher lead conversion ratio for all their campaigns with us.
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We offer a Test & Taste trial period for our esteemed new clients to know why we Stand Out from the rest. Please email us or simply call our representative at 630-362-2442


In this fast moving world, the courteous act of taking an ‘appointment to meet’ has long been a part of the global society. May it be Asia, the Americas, Europe or Australia, this mannerism stands its ground everywhere. You & your entity must starve to make the best impact possible. May it be a Business-2-Business or a Business-to-Customer call, contacting your customer for the first time is a point where our team assures your image, while doing their best for the customer on each live contact. It can be seen since decades that already set appointments have a high percentage of show ups. You can make a huge impact on your Sales & thus, your business revenues. We have served a diversified client base for appointment setting which includes appointments for Clinical check-up, Real Estate, IT & Web-Development, Loans, Stand-up Comedy Shows and more. Yet, Quality Resource simply stands out from the rest – with its Conversion / Success Ratio.
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With good relationship building, the price becomes secondary for the customer.

Our professional team of specialists possesses the right blend of Sales and customer Service skills, incorporated in their soft skills training program, while their joining at our call center facility. Our focus stays on the Customer – while assuring the best of relationship building skills. Telecom Industry has been relying on its Value Added Services for quite some time. With an emergence of mobile technological advancement, new products have been developed to attract and retain the customers. Quality Resource has been a part of a few largest telecom companies and have been supporting to design multiple up selling and cross selling campaigns for various products, that include, e-Banking Mobile Accounts, Mobile Number porting, upselling for contracts & pay-as-you-go packages. Art of cross selling has been the key factor for telecom companies to survive and profit under such severe competition as well.
We offer a Test & Taste trial period for our esteemed new clients to know why we Stand Out from the rest. Please email us or simply call our representative at 630-362-2442.


Quality is the Key element.
Sales Teams @ Quality Resource, have a proven track record of success with financial products, particularly in the United States. We have generated over 100 pre-qualified leads per day with an excellent lead-to-application average. We specialize in the following:

• Home Equity Loans, • Refinancing, • Home Improvement & Repair, • Credit Repair, • Debt Consolidation

Home Equity Loans


Home Improvement & Repair

Credit Repair

Debt Consolidation


Our experience with clients in the past has shown that our inbound and outbound clients enjoy an extraordinarily high customer satisfaction.


Long-term success of banks and financial institutions is driven by integrity, ingenuity and uncompromising service. Our management focuses on these basic principles of success by ensuring the highest level of service, access to information and customer satisfaction.
Helpdesk services available for your bank include:
  • Customer Service
  • Credit Analysis
  • Sales
  • Dedicated Phone Line for explaining/selling offerings
  • General Product/Company Information and Support
  • Data Processing
  • 24/7 Call Center
  • Dedicated Service Answering With Your Business Name
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customer Care
  • Crisis Resolution

We integrate and apply components of a dedicated helpdesk and call center to provide the most cost-effective and efficient support. We have live experts working on a 24-hour, 7-day a week basis. Our telephone service is comprised of dedicated high-speed phone lines equipped with emergency back-up generators.