Importance of Security has increased manifold in the perception of the customers across the world. May it be a person’s Vehicle, a house or their visit to a restaurant, customers now feel secure with the presence of security devices all around them. Unlike the 90’s, customers mostly have security cameras around their houses & for their vehicles; they (customers) fully rely on tracking companies and their customer service helpline.

Quality Resource – Contact Center offers a comprehensive solution for Customer Helpline Support of the tracking companies with its team of experts, who have already been working with us on projects of renowned tracking companies. Our team has been performing on campaigns with challenging KPIs and service levels. We assure the presence of traditional customer service traits in our approach and focus on customer satisfaction on each live contact, acting as a valuable Strategic Partner for our collaborating companies.
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In this digital-era competition companies find it is challenging to increase their profits significantly. If we look into the running costs involved in operating a customer helpline & support, it can be assessed that outsourcing, without a doubt will result not only in substantial increase in profits but a more specialized customer service department for your customer base. Our specialized services include the functions of:
  1. Customer Call Answering Service
  2. Customer Chat Support
  3. Product Troubleshooting
  4. Complaint Lodging & Priority Ticket Generation
  5. Real time monitoring
  6. Customer Call Notifications / Intimation
  7. Product Information
  8. Appointment Setting for Installation / replacement.
  9. IVR Designing (for tracking companies)
  10. Input for developing CRM for VMS customers
  11. Control Room Operations


When it comes to handling an order taking call for a taxi company, answering quickly and efficiently is a must for any operator. Quality Resource has been providing order taking services to well-known Cab companies since 2008 at cost-effective rates.
Enhance your call answering ability with our team of professional order taking resources. Reduce the burden of managing a big staff of call taker / dispatchers by seamlessly redirecting your calls to our customer service specialists. Quality Resource believes in quality services so you can receive a daily overview of the customer service activities with upcoming reservations. Our Quality Order Taking Services help your Cab company achieve lower operational costs while it increases your business revenue.

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Let us recruit and manage your team of Operators who will give you:

Quality Services of Professional Call Answering
Reduced Costs
Satisfied Customers
Lower turnover @ QR


When it comes to handling orders with a short span of time - call answering & coordination can be a tricky job. A quickly answered call and efficiency is a must for any dispatch services. Quality Resource has been providing professional Dispatch services to Cab Industry of united States since 2008 at cost-effective rates.
Enhance your call answering ability of your staff with our team of professional dispatchers. Reduce the burden of managing a staff of dispatchers by seamlessly redirecting your calls to our professional dispatch team.

Let us recruit and manage your team of Dispatchers! Where, in the case of an unexpectedly high call volume, we make sure every single call is answered quickly, with the “same” Attention & Smile. We will handle all your reservation & dispatch Call in a professionally while you monitor our operations. We keep dispatcher accountable all the time by recording each call, which is evaluated by a team of Quality experts.
Our Quality Dispatch services solutions help your company achieve operational efficiency without compromising on Quality, yet increasing your business revenue consistently.



Your customers deserve not just the best customer services – but an exceptional one. We serve your customer with the best of the customer serviecs that will not only exceed expectations but set new standards for your company’s professionals.
With a dedicated and professional team of customer service experts, we confidently agree on challenging KPIs, where others refuse to take part.

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Outsourcing to Quality Resource - Contact Center

We know that the key to a service business is high level of customer satisfaction that leads to repeated business and further business referrals. The outsourcing business is no different and has some unique challenges. Talking about customer satisfaction, our approach is to assure the presence of these four key traits in our team – to stay atop:
Consistent core service delivery
This involves making sure that our client’ service is as close to flawless in its delivery as possible. We address the very basic with accuracy and consistency. We assure that our team of agents is thoroughly trained, ready to serve and that they have adopted best practices to deliver customer services - the same way as they do in their first call. We believe that if the basic customer support is on time and is done right, and the customer has confidence that it will be done right each time, they're generally satisfied.
Meeting customer expectations
We recognize that the most important part of outsourcing is to understand expectations of client’s customer-base. This is part of having ongoing contact with customers to understand not only their expectations but also its change. The level of expectations of many customers increases with the course of time during the relationship. As seen in the customer services industry, a common mistake of agents is over-promising in effort to make a customer happy. This starts a relationship based on distrust. We understand that our clients do a lot to shape customer expectations and we're solely responsible of retaining the customer base without any false commitments.
Responding to customer requests in a timely fashion
It is understandable that apart from the core service, customers do have additional needs today. How we respond is another key element of customer satisfaction. We address this by having a system for tracking customer requests and a system for making sure those requests get a timely follow-up. We take it as a key point for building a customer relationship.
Building a relationship, preferring it friendly
It is obvious fact that sometimes it isn't enough to do good work, meet expectations and be responsive. We understand that customer service problems arise sooner or later that may or may not be our client’s fault. This is where having a cohesive relationship with customers saves the day. If there is a rapport within customer-relationship, they're more likely to work through it. It may be better offers from a competitor, but a strong relationship might be enough to overcome that too.